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We offer top quality project services

Site Analysis

  1. Detailed documentation.
  2. Project Feasibility
  3. Execution


We at imagineerz conceive every project in a unique way considering functionality
, materials, context and adaptability of user.The aforementioned themes can be combined and shifted to expand and explore the different approaches to the development of concept and design

Design Development

Once concept has been finalized, client has agreed on the scale and scope of the design and the general direction that a project will take. We start to make firm decisions about materials – what things are made from – and begin tracking potential finish and fixture choices..

Design Execution

After finalozing on the major outline of the building design, and concluded that it fits with the budget, we turn a little more inward and get down to the work of preparing the detailed drawings for the city building department and for contractors to use in bringing our design to reality..


Interior Design

We deal in all kind of interior design ranging from a customize home design to commercial projects, retail shops, restaurants etc.

Residential Architecture

Explore the best new residential architecture, ranging from large developments to small extensions, skinny houses and penthouse apartments.

Apartment Buildings

We have vast experience in apartment building designs from low rise to mid rise and mix use building.

Commercial Buildings

Find out the best new commercial building ideas, ranging from neighborhood shops to mega malls, mezzanine display, show rooms and markets.


We provide all kind of documentation including layouts, surveys, bill of quantities, tender documents and estimates/quotations.

Restauration Projects

Building restoration describes a particular treatment approach and philosophy within the field of architecture and interior considering the sensitivity of existing structure.

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